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Resources used: USMLEworld, First Aid, Kaplan, and Step-Up

​USMLE Step 2 CS

   Having an as-needed CS Study Partner will have you mastering how to complete a history, physical, and patient note in time to Pass Step 2 CS with confidence.
Tutor Demonstration

  To View How Our Tutors Use Screen Sharing Capabilities to Go Through the High Yield  Information, Watch the Demonstration Video of FutureMD's Review of Gout in the Musculoskeletal Section of First Aid for the The USMLE Step 1 and Notice How the Tutor Ties In Multiple Sections of Pathology and Pharmacology while Emphasizing the Most Testable Content During The Lecture.

  We will stay with you until the end, so you can conquer Step 2 CK and move on to becoming a Resident in the Specialty of your choice.

USMLE Step 1

​  A personalized study schedule, in addition to One-on-One Tutoring will have you Passing USMLE Step 1 and furthering your Medical Education.
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USMLE High Yield PDFs

   Contact Us to receive the High Yield PDFs Below to get a head start on your studying, as the tutors of FutureMD have compiled High Yield Concept PDFs for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2. The PDFs are full of board topics and questions that prior FutureMD students have emailed their tutors with after the exam, so that we can better serve our upcoming students.

27 Tools for Organizing your USMLE Approach