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Course Options
​  I. Condensed High Yield Review Course

    20 Session Review Course using First Aid for USMLE (or the Textbook of your choice) 

  •   19 days of course work, system by system, with integration of other resources
  •   3-4 hours/session with time for review, questions, and discussion
  •   Guidance for what should be completed after the session  (Uworld Questions, Imaging Review, and Handouts) 
  •   Customize the review course for 3, 5, or 7 days a week (1-4 hours per session)
  •   The 20th review session is reserved for: Organizing a Plan Until Test Day
Example of Day 1 

--- With Tutor ---
  • 30 minutes Discussing Blueprint Study Schedule/How-to-Study, which I prepare in advance
  • 3 hours of First Aid Review of Behavioral Science/Epidemiology/Ethics
  • 30 minutes of Review, Questions, and Discussion of what you should complete on your own

--- On your Own ---
  • 44 Uworld Questions
  •  Equation Review for Epidemiology
  •  Figure out Marker Board Topics
II. Customizable Review Sessions

  Future MD will tailor the review sessions strictly to the subjects that the students identify as problem areas

  • ​Anywhere from 5 Hours to 75 hours spent on the areas that are giving the students the most difficulty 
  •  Customize the reviews for 3, 5, or 7 days a week (1-4 hours per session)
  • More time delegated to the subjects that have the most negative affect on the NBME and UWorld Assessments
  • Guidance on what should be completed after the session (Uworld Questions, Imaging Review, and Handouts) 
Example Customized Review 

--- With Tutor ---  Students designate the amount of hours scheduled on each subject

  • 6 Hours Reviewing Nephrology (3 Hours of Renal Physiology and 3 Hours of Renal Pathology
  • 4 Hours Reviewing Cardiology (2 Hours of Cardiac Pharmacology and 2 Hours of Cardiac Physiology
  • 2 Hours Reviewing Microbiology (2 Hours of Bacteriology and 1 Hour of Antibiotic Review
Resources used: USMLEworld, First Aid, Kaplan, and Step-Up
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